i·con·o·clash (ī-kŏn'ə-klăsh)

1. To collide loudly and harshly against against a dogmatic symbol.

2. Documenting the destruction within a culture of the religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives.

3. A conflict, as between opposing or irreconcilable conventions.

4. A tumblr feed for those who get off on these kind of things.
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Just do it. No, seriously… just do it. Thanks.

Just do it. No, seriously… just do it. Thanks.

Illustrator Matt Steven is getting his project funded at KickStarter. He’s trying to produce a book in which he finds 100 different ways of interpreting a Nike sneaker. Maybe not intentionally, but he did find himself elevating the brand to the current social values of society, creating a confrontation between object and concept.


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