i·con·o·clash (ī-kŏn'ə-klăsh)

1. To collide loudly and harshly against against a dogmatic symbol.

2. Documenting the destruction within a culture of the religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives.

3. A conflict, as between opposing or irreconcilable conventions.

4. A tumblr feed for those who get off on these kind of things.
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Master Of Degrees, Shackled In Debt. This is a nice image that relates the educational system in the United States to being in jail. The rage against the fact that the United States is one of those few Western countries where a good education is not available to most people is starting to gain momentum. 

Decontextualizing… and recontextualizing.

The Apocalypse is here… Mr. Snuffleupagus is angry.

Aside from big… he’s now officially an “angry bird.”

The poor will eat the rich, because they’ll be zombies.

Who would have thought, eh? That a few months ago, Canadian group AdBusters was able to start a successful call to protest Wall Street, that many originally thought it was destined to fail. However, when September 17th hit (the date AdBuster had assigned as the official protest day), people reacted. They actually came out and did something! After this original demonstration, the message spread like wildfire and more people continued to join until the movement became global. As of today, the protests have lasted 23 days and they are still going strong.


#7 in The 70 Best Walk For Choice Signs From Across The Country


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